Everything is going to be Software - trust me!

Was es (nicht) alles gibt - Spaß muß sein....
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Everything is going to be Software - trust me!

Beitrag von sbrunthaler » 18. Okt 2010 15:01

Zitat von Bollella (Java-Guru bei Oracle, die SUN übernommen haben):

"Let me repeat that: 70% of the perceived value of a new car is in software and electronics. You guys won! Software rules – that’s the message. At some point in the future, the only job is going to be software developer. Everything is going to be software! Trust me. It’s coming.”

And here is the bright future - no more hassle finding a mate, no more unsafe activities ...


... just a little software adjustments and everyone finds what they are looking for.

Check out the german translation, it is better than - what was it called?


Regards from 2022,
Stefan B.